You don’t need to be a building expert to start your project with ProJADES. As one of the premier contractors for home additions, we will ensure that your project gets you exactly the new space that you want.

ProJADES will focus on getting to know you and clearly communicate our unique remodeling process so you can make a well-educated and informed decision. We know that committing to a home renovation is a big undertaking and you need your questions addressed and answered. We consider it our job to ensure that you are fully aware of all the project details before getting started.

For all of your remodeling needs to an existing home ProJADES can offer their design and construction services. As with our new custom homes, professional builders and contractors will use our knowledge to remodel your home. Whether you’re remodeling one room, an outdoor space, or your entire home, ProJADES care about each client, no matter how big the construction job is.

ProJADES's comprehensive specifications define each project, so you know exactly what is included in your home remodel. Every detail is clearly addressed and explained.