Our Story

Thinking about a Community Developer, get in touch with us at PROJADES, pioneers in the business for over two decades now, Since the day it has been founded, we have been working tirelessly to shape the dreams of the home owners with the right approach. We are a custom home builder specializing in contemporary home design and build based in Illinois, USA. We work to customize the space as per the homeowner’s unique taste and demand.

Whether you’re still looking for your dream home or currently live in one that just needs that little extra spark to make it perfect, PROJADES has the experience, resources and creativity to make your home everything you have ever wanted, and more.

We’ve been building a family of customers and a portfolio of custom built houses that we are proud of and our clients absolutely love to live in. Let’s build your new home together.

Our Approach

With years of expertise behind us, people can count on us to find the perfect home or property that suits them, their needs at a very reasonable cost and this has been our strength till date. This has lead to our growth today where we stand with owning around 190+ properties free and clear.

Our approach allows us to truly partner with you on your vision to ensure it comes to life in a magnificent way.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Relax, don’t worry. At PROJADES, we want you to enjoy the experience. We’ve prepared every step for you, all under our own roof. Our unique approach allows you to enjoy the custom home experience without the stress and hours of invested time. It enables you to start your project sooner, and shorten your completion time as well. Overall, the process is easier and more enjoyable. Contact us to learn more about our approach.